Ohio Has President Trump, Not Sherrod Brown To Thank For Their Growing Economy

- May 5, 2018


Sen. Sherrod Brown Voted Against Tax Cuts That Have Brought Benefits To His Constituents

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Vote No On The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act . (H.R. 1, Roll Call Vote #323 : Passed 51-48: R 51-1; D 0-48, 12/20/17)

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Spoke Out Against The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, Accusing Republicans Of "Only Protecting The Rich In Their New Tax Plan." "Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) unloaded on Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) Thursday night after Brown accused Republicans of only protecting the rich in their new tax plan during a Senate Finance Committee hearing. Brown said that the bill provides a tax cut that's 'not really for the middle class, it's for the rich.'" (Jaqueline Thomas, "Senators Hatch, Brown Have Heated Exchange On GOP Tax Plan, The Hill , 11/17/17)

Sen. Sherrod Brown Insisted That The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Does Not Put Money Back In The Pockets Of Working People In Ohio. "Tax reform should be about one thing: putting money in the pockets of working people in Ohio and across the county. That's what the President says he wants. That's what I want - and I hope we get there. Unfortunately, that's not what this bill does." (Press Release, "Brown: Tax Reform Should Be About Putting Money Back In Pockets of Working Ohioans," Sen. Sherrod Brown , 11/13/17)

In The Short Time It Has Been Law, The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Has Spurred Significant Job Growth And Put Money Into Thousands Of Ohioans' Pockets

Ohio Has Gained 44,900 Jobs In The Three Months Since The GOP Tax Cuts Passed, 12,700 More Jobs Than They Added In All Of 2017. ("State And Area Employment, Hours, And Earnings," Bureau Of Labor Statistics , Accessed 5/2/18)

As A Result Of The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Walmart Will Increase Its Minimum Wage To $11 An Hour, And Give Employees A One Time $1,000 Bonus. "Walmart's workers will soon reap the benefits of the recent tax law changes, as the world's largest private employer raises its starting wage, creates new benefits and distributes bonuses to eligible workers. The big-box retailer announced Thursday it will increase its starting wage rate for hourly employees in the U.S. to $11, and expand maternity and parental leave benefits. Currently, Walmart's starting wage is $9 until workers complete a training program. Then, they receive $10. Walmart will also pay a one-time cash bonus to eligible employees of as much as $1,000. The payouts, which should total roughly $400 million, will result in a one-time charge that the company will take in its fiscal fourth quarter." (Lauren Thomas, "Walmart To Raise Its Starting Wage To $11, Give Some Employees Bonuses Following Tax Bill Passage," CNBC , 1/11/18)

  • There Are 51,127 Walmart Employees In Ohio . "Associates: Associates in Ohio: 51,127." (Ohio, Walmart , Accessed 1/11/18)

Cincinnati-Based Cintas Corporation Will Give Bonuses To 38,000 Employees. "Cintas Corporation (Cincinnati, Ohio) Bonuses for 38,000 employees; $1,000 for employees of at least a year, $500 for employees of less than a year." ("List Of Tax Reform Good News," Americans For Tax Reform, 1/18/18)

Home Depot Gave Employees A $1,000 Bonus After The Passage Of The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act . "Home Depot is awarding its hourly employees in the U.S. a one-time cash bonus of as much as $1,000 following the passage of new tax legislation." (Lauren Thomas, "Home Depot Hourly Employees To Receive Up To $1,000 Bonus Due To Tax Reform," CNBC , 1/25/18)

  • There Are 75 Home Depot Locations In Ohio. ("Ohio," The Home Depot, Accessed 4/3/18)

Lowes Gave Employees Bonuses Of Up To $1,000 Following The Passage Of The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. "Lowe's will follow rival Home Depot in giving thousands of its hourly employees a one-time bonus of up to $1,000 due to new tax legislation, according to an internal company memo reviewed by CNBC on Wednesday." (Lauren Thomas, "Lowe's To Give Some Employees Bonuses Of Up To $1,000 And Expand Benefits Due To Tax Reform," CNBC , 1/31/18)

  • Lowes Has 83 Stores And Over 11,000 Employees In Montana. ("Montana," Lowes , Accessed 4/3/18)

CVS Increased Its Minimum Wage To $11 An Hour, And They Will Not Increase Employee Healthcare Premiums For The 2018-2019 Plan Year. "CVS Health will increase the starting wage rate for hourly employees to $11 an hour, effective April 2018. As part of this change, the company also plans to adjust pay ranges and rates for many of its retail pharmacy technicians, front store associates and other hourly retail employees later in the year to ensure a competitive compensation structure that supports the company's plans to evolve its retail stores into a health care destination. As part of ensuring access to affordable health care, CVS Health will not increase employee premiums for the 2018-2019 plan year. While medical and prescription costs have increased 5% year-over-year, CVS Health will absorb the entire increase for the 100,000 employees who have elected to enroll in the company-sponsored health plan." (Press Release, "CVS Health Investing In Long-Term And Sustainable Wage Increases And Benefits Enhancements Following The Passage Of The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act," CVS , 2/8/18)

  • CVS Has 329 Phamacies In Ohio . ("Facts By State," CVS , Accessed 3/21/18)

Following The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, Apple Gave Its Employees A Bonus Of $2,500 Worth Of Restricted Stock Units, And Pledged To Invest $30 Billion In The U.S. Economy Over The Next Five Years. "Apple Inc. told employees Wednesday that it's issuing a bonus of $2,500 worth of restricted stock units, following the introduction of the new U.S. tax law, according to people familiar with the matter. The iPhone maker will begin issuing stock grants to most employees worldwide in the coming months, said the people, who asked not to be identified because they weren't authorized to speak publicly. The move comes on the same day Apple said it would bring back most of its cash from overseas and spend $30 billion in the U.S. over the next five years, funding an additional technical support campus, data centers and 20,000 new employees. Apple confirmed the bonuses in response to a Bloomberg inquiry Wednesday." (Mark Gurman, "Apple Gives Employees $2,500 Bonuses After New Tax Law," Bloomberg , 1/17/18)

  • There Are 1,294 Apple Employees In Ohio. ("Jobs In Every State," Apple, Accessed 3/21/18)

As A Result Of The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, AT&T Will Pay $1,000 Bonuses To Over 200,000 "'Union-Represented, Non-Management" Workers, And Will Invest An Additional $1 Billion Into The United States In 2018 Alone. "AT&T, the No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier, said it will pay $1,000 bonuses to more than 200,000 employees and invest an additional $1 billion in the United States in 2018, once the tax reform bill is signed into law. An AT&T spokesman said the bonuses were unrelated to the $1,000 that 20,000 AT&T Mobility employees will receive as part of an agreement with the Communications Workers of America announced last week. Employees eligible for the bonus are all 'union-represented, non-management and front-line managers,' AT&T said in a statement." ("AT&T, Two Banks Offer Bonuses, Pay Hikes In Wake Of U.S. Tax Reform," Reuters , 12/20/17)

  • There Are 6,000 AT&T Employees In Ohio. "Approximately 6,000 AT&T employees working in Ohio as of June 30, 2016." ("Jobs And Economic Support," AT&T, Accessed 1/3/18)

PNC Financial Services Said It Will Give $1,000 Bonuses To 90 Percent Of Their Employees Below A Certain Pay Grade, And Will Increase Their Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour By The End Of 2018. "PNC Financial Services PNC, +0.47% became the latest company to say it will pay special bonuses to the bulk of its employees, among other workforce investments, after the tax bill was signed into law Friday. The financial services company said it will provide a $1,000 cash payment in the first quarter of 2018 to about 47,500 employees, or the about 90% of its workforce who are below a certain compensation band. In addition, PNC said it would raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour by the end of 2018, provide an additional $1,500 for employees in the defined benefit pension plan and make a $200 million contribution to the PNC Foundation, which supports early childhood education." (Tomi Kilgore, "PNC To Pay $1,000 Bonuses, Raise Minimum Wage After Tax Bill Signed," Market Watch , 12/22/17)

  • PNC Financial Services Has 10 Wealth Management Offices In Ohio. ("Wealth Management And Hawthorn Office Locations," PNC , Accessed 1/3/18)

Smuckers, Based In Orrville Ohio, Will Give $1,000 Bonuses To Almost 5,000 Employees, Increase Contributions To Employee Pension Plans By $20 Million, And Increase Charitable Contributions By $1 Million As A Result Of The Tax Law. "With the benefit resulting from U.S. income tax reform, the Company contributed an incremental $20.0 million to its employee pension plan and has announced a one-time bonus of $1,000 to nearly 5,000 employees and a $1 million increase to its charitable contributions." (Press Release, "The J. M. Smucker Company Announces Fiscal 2018 Third Quarter Results," J.M. Smucker Company , 2/16/18)

Nationwide Insurance, Based In Columbus, Ohio, Increased 401(K) Contributions And Gave Employees $1,000 Bonuses As A Result Of The New Tax Law. "Employees of Nationwide Insurance found out Wednesday they'll be seeing a big bonus and an increase in 401(k) matching from the company. In an email sent to employees, the company announced it will provide bonuses of $1,000 and increase 401(k) matching from 50 percent on the first 6 percent of employee contribution to 50 percent on the first 7 percent of employee contribution." (Lauren Donovan, "Nationwide Gives Big Bonuses, Credits Tax Reform," KCCI Des Moines , 1/3/18)

R+L Carriers, Based In Wilmington, OH, Gave All Of Their Employees A $1,000 Bonus. "Wilmington-based global transportation company R+L Carriers announced this week it would issue bonuses of up to $1,000 for all its employees, citing the economic benefits from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." (Press Release, "Wilmington-Based R+L Carriers Employees To Receive Bonuses," R+L Carriers , 2/16/18)

Cincinnati-Based Fifth Third Bancorp Will Raise Their Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour And Give More Than 13,500 Employees A $1,000 Bonus. "Fifth Third Bancorp announced plans today to raise its minimum hourly wage for all employees to $15, and distribute a one-time bonus of $1,000 for more than 13,500 employees. The actions are in appreciation for the commitment employees show in supporting customers and building stronger communities. Approximately 75 percent of employees will receive a pay increase or bonus." (Press Release, "Fifth Third Bancorp Invests In Employees," Fifth Third Bancorp , 12/20/17)

Keycorp Will Increase Their Minimum Wage And Make Additional Benefits To Employee Retirement Plans. "Beginning January 1, 2018, the new tax law will lower Key's marginal federal corporate income tax rate from 35% to 21%. Key's effective tax rate will also continue to benefit from the company's investments in certain tax-advantaged assets. Key will be sharing the expected tax benefits with its employees by increasing its minimum wage and making the additional retirement plan contribution referenced above. These actions will benefit over 80% of our workforce and allow us to reward and invest in the financial wellness of our employees." (Press Release, "KeyCorp Reports Fourth Quarter 2017 Net Income Of $181 Million, Or $.17 Per Common Share," Keycorp, 1/18/18)

Ohio-Based First Communications, Is Giving $1,000 Bonuses To Employees And Making A $3 Million Capital Investment To Make Their Business More Competitive. "Mueller and all other full-time employees of the telecommunications company will get $1,000 bonuses in April that the business says stem from recently enacted federal tax reform. First Communications said lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent is allowing the company to better invest in employees, in product development and in the local community. The company offers data networking, cloud, voice and managed services throughout the Midwest. The company will use the tax cuts to make a $3 million capital investment that will allow it to better compete against much larger companies such as Comcast, AT&T and Spectrum, said Mark Sollenberger, chief financial officer." (Jim Mackinnon, "Bringing The Bonus Home: How A Local Business Pays Forward Trump's Corporate Tax Cuts, Akron Beacon Journal , 3/10/18)

Ohio-Based Tri-State Trailer Sales, Inc., Will Increase 401(k) Contributions With Savings From The GOP Tax Cuts. "Tri-State Trailer Sales, Inc. (Hubbard, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio) - Increased 401(k) match for employees, to 100% on the first 4% of compensation." (John Kartch, "Ohio Examples Of Tax Reform Good News," Americans For Tax Reform, 5/2/18)

Sheely's Furniture And Appliance, Based In North Lima, OH, Will Give Full Time Employees $1,000 Bonuses And Expand Their Store 4,500 Square Feet. "Over 140 employees for a local furniture store will feel their wallets get a lot bigger. Sheely's Furniture and Appliance President and CEO, Dale Sheely Jr. announced the bonuses Tuesday morning. The cause -- tax reform, a growing retail footprint, and creating a better working environment for employees. The bonuses will be given throughout the first quarter of 2018. Full-time employees will receive $1,000 in cash and part-time employees will get $500. The store also announced a 4,500 square foot expansion to make Sheely's Bargain Bonus center. The new space will offer exclusive purchases. The store is located in North Lima." (Nicolette Pizzuto, "Sheely's Furniture & Appliance Sees Benefit Of Tax Reform, Offers Cash Bonuses," WKBN 27 , 2/20/18)

Ariel Corporation, Based In Mount Vernon, Ohio Will Use Savings From The GOP Tax Cuts To "Further Increase Wages And Expand Benefits For Her Employees." "Karen Buchwald Wright, chairman, CEO and president of Ariel Corporation, told the NAM that tax reform is helping the company improve the quality of life for their employees and the entire community of Mt. Vernon. Karen told the NAM that the company is using tax reform to further increase wages and expand benefits for her employees." (Christopher Netram, "Ohio Manufacturer Ariel Corporation Increasing Pay And Benefits To Employees Due To Tax Reform," National Association Of Manufacturers , 4/17/18)

First Federal Community Bank, Based In Dover, Ohio, Gave $1,000 Bonuses To Full-Time Employees And $500 Bonuses Thanks To The Tax Law "First Federal Community Bank (Dover, Ohio) - $1,000 bonuses for full-time employees; $500 bonuses for part-time employees; increased charitable contributions." (John Kartch, "Ohio Examples Of Tax Reform Good News," Americans For Tax Reform, 5/2/18)

Ohio Community Bank Middlefield Banc Corp. Gave Their 190 Employees $1,000 Bonuses. "The Board also approved a one-time bonus of $1,000 to each employee. 'On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am extremely pleased to announce Middlefield's plan to return capital to our shareholders and all of our 190 employees," stated Thomas G. Caldwell, President and Chief Executive Officer.'" (Press Release, "Middlefield Banc Corp. Returns Capital To Shareholders And Employees," Middlefield Banc Corp. , 2/14/18)

Jergens Inc., Based In Cleveland, Ohio Gave Employees Pay Raises In The Wake Of GOP Tax Cuts. "Jessica Melendez, who works for Jergens Inc., in Cleveland, was among Trump's guests. Thanks to the tax package, Jergens took what would normally be a cost of living increase for its workers, doubled it and built it in as a permanent part of wages, rather than making it a one-time bonus as some companies did. That means a worker making $25 an hour got a raise of about $2,000 a year." (Stephen Koff, "Check Your Paycheck. You Might Have More Money This Week," Cleveland.Com , 2/2/18)

Worldpay, Based In Ohio, Gave Employees $1,000 Bonuses Thanks To The New Tax Law. "An Ohio-based payments-processing giant said Friday it's giving bonuses, upping pay and improving benefits while crediting the GOP tax cuts. Worldpay Inc. detailed its plans as Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman toured the company, formed recently from Cincinnati-based Vantiv's acquisition of British rival Worldpay. Portman has been visiting different kinds of companies around the state to hear what they're doing with reduced taxes. President Donald Trump came last month to a suburban Cincinnati cylinder manufacturer that said employees were getting $1,000 bonuses." (Dan Sewell, "Ohio Company Says Bonuses, Higher Pay Because Of Tax Cuts," The Associated Press , 3/2/18)

Western & Southern Financial Group, Based In Cincinnati, Ohio Gave $2,000 Bonuses To Full Time Employees, And $1,000 Bonuses For Part Time Employees. "Western & Southern Financial Group (Cincinnati, Ohio) -- $2,000 bonuses for full time employees; $1,000 for part time employees." (John Kartch, "Ohio Examples Of Tax Reform Good News," Americans For Tax Reform, 5/2/18)

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